No Need for Trump to Drop Out; Conservatives Already Have an Option This November: Darrell Castle


by Caleb Waters

Since the release of Trump’s  audio tapes that show him speaking indecently about women, there has been much discussion over whether Donald Trump should drop out of the Presidential race and hand over the GOP nomination to another Republican. However, serious questions about this have been raised, such as whether Trump would ever give up power and the logistics of reprinting ballots across the country. There is a simple answer to all of these questions: don’t replace Trump as the GOP nominee. Simply cast a vote for the Constitution Party’s nominee, Darrell Castle.

Darrell Castle will be able to be voted for in about 47 states, in 24 of which he is on the ballot. All that is necessary for the GOP to do to “replace” Trump is to endorse Darrell Castle in all the states in which he is either on the ballot or is registered as a write-in, and to endorse another candidate (such as Gary Johnson) in the remainder of states. It would eliminate the logistical problem of getting another candidate registered in all states as well as sidestep the issue of whether Trump’s pride will allow him to relinquish his status as the party’s nominee.

Darrell Castle is the only conservative candidate left in the race, so he would be a natural pick for the GOP. He believes in interpeting the Constitution as to the Founders’ original intent. He believes in reducing the size and scope of the federal government and returning power to the states. He believes in traditional free market approaches to economic problems, favoring lower taxes and less regulation. He has proposed eliminating several federal regulatory agencies that are not explicitly authorized by the Constitution.

There is no reason for the GOP to replace Trump with anybody. If they want an honest, decent conservative candidate to support, they have got one in Darrell Castle. All that is needed is for conservatives across America to demand the RNC support him.


9 thoughts on “No Need for Trump to Drop Out; Conservatives Already Have an Option This November: Darrell Castle

    1. I voted Constitution Party today and gladly supported Darrel Castle and Scott Bradley. Men of God, Family, integrity and love of country and the US Constitution. Vote Castle in 2016!


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