A Way to Save the Republic


In light of all the recent revelations about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton it seems to me there is a way to salvage the election that some may want to consider. I am going to first list the things that are coming to light and what they mean to this election. Then I am going to offer some concrete solutions for saving the Republic this election.

First we have to consider what has come out about Hillary Clinton.

  1. Her emails are coming out showing she has been using the GOP and Donald Trump as the ones she can beat with relative ease. She has used emails suggesting that Trump is the man she wanted to face because he would be easy to defeat. Poll numbers show her calculations are correct. Donald Trump has no chance of being victorious over her with his bombastic, bullying tactics, and his lack of self control. He is being portrayed as very untrustworthy and very dangerous with his fingers on the nuclear option.
  2. Hillary is also portraying Mr Trump as being unfit to lead because of his disrespect of women and his demeaning nature towards them, the latest proof being the open mic incident where Mr Trump had a very lewd conversation with a reporter bragging about his sexcapades. His demoralizing description of the women he has tried to put the move on makes him appear even more repulsive to women who have character and are conservative. Hillary has succeeded in alienating women from him as she planned all along. It does not help that Mr Trump does not appear to even be the least bit remorseful for any of these escapades.
  3. Hillary has to deflect her criminal activities and Mr Trump appears to be just the hillary-clintonobject to deflect those activities onto. She has the news media on her side, and they will focus on Mr Trump in an effort to deflect criticism away from her. There is plenty more “dirt” that has yet to be released on Mr. Trump to take focus away from Hillary, and drag the focus back to him. She is succeeding in deflecting any criticism by using this candidate as a post to beat up on. Even Fox News is starting to distance themselves from Mr Trump thanks to all the horrible publicity that is coming out on him.
  4. Hillary is a very dangerous woman with her disdain for the military, with her deals she has made with The Muslim Brotherhood, her deals she has made with terrorist nations, and with her plans to force full socialized medicine onto this country. She would just further add to our spiraling debt, take us further away from Constitutional rights, open our borders even further to insure the growth of a liberal base for the DNC, and further take us into a 3rd world status economically. She is an evil woman, and she has proven she has no respect for life and she has no respect for the hard working American People she would like to rule over. There is blood on her hands over the 4 men who died in Benghazi and we should never allow that to be forgotten. She has broken law after law and still gets by with it, because of the current DOJ and FBI who will not do anything about prosecuting her, even with all the proof they need. Her lies that she has told go on without any punishment by the very people who are supposed to mete out justice.
  5. Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is drunk with power that she envisions having finally. She would destroy what is left of our US Constitution with executive orders, she would strip the citizens of this country of their God given inalienable rights to keep and bear arms, she would force her brand of socialized medicine on all of us, further degrading our healthcare system to the point of no return. She would strip away states’ rights, increase the size of the federal government, demolish the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th amendments, increase our debt into oblivion, force more people out of work, and promote civil unrest even further than it already is. Make no mistake this woman aims to take this country into a Communistic, Marxist, totalitarian ruled country where she becomes the dictator! This woman intends to enslave every man, woman and child in this country to advance her ambitions as a dictator. She is a wannabe dictator that will stop at nothing to achieve her ambitions. Sanctity of life, Sanctity of marriage, Freedom of religion, freedom to choose your lifestyle, and freedom of this nation would be in jeopardy if this woman becomes president! She is unfit to be President!

Now I am going to concentrate on Trump. For all of these reasons and more, he is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief or President of this nation.

  1. From the start of his business career this man has cheated contractors, hired illegal aliens to do work under substandard conditions, violated OSHA rules, and conducted illegal predatory practices against people trying to stop him from taking their property. He has lied and stated all of his dealings were above board and fair with everyone he did business with. There are hundreds and maybe more that he has cheated out of money that he owed them. A lot of small business people would tell you he ruined their businesses with his smearing and black balling tactics on them. The man clearly has no scruples in the business world.
  2. From a young age he has had a reputation as a bully and very uncontrolled in his actions. He was so bad in his teen years that his parents had to send him to a training school, which was much like a reform school, to bring him under control and straighten him out. It appears this did not work as he continued as an adult to bully, intimidate, slander, and cause as much trouble as he could for those who did not agree with him. He felt it was acceptable to squash those who got in the way of building his empire with as much maliciousness as possible. The world was supposed to revolve around Donald Trump and what he wanted or else!
  3. From an early age Donald also knew how to get what he wanted thru donating to politicians in various ways. That way when he wanted something, they owed him a favor, and would give whatever he felt he wanted. He did the same thing with getting out from under charges against him, buying off authorities to win favor and avoid any prosecutions. This man is famous for all the political contributions he gave out to mainly Democrats thru the years, but also to corrupt Republicans too when it served his purpose. He also, until this day, brags about the way he bought off these politicians to
    Donald Trump
    ORG XMIT: DCAB141 Donald Trump addressesthe Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    get them to do his bidding – big name politicians like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and yes the Clinton’s also. The man had all of these politicians in his back pocket to do whatever he wanted done. He is not an outsider by any means with all the strings he has pulled in politics to his advantage. Once the man felt he had the nomination sown up, he went on publicly with Hugh Hewitt and stated the “Wall” he was going to build was just merely a suggestion. He has gone further and stated that even though the illegals would have to leave, some of them would be allowed to come back right away. That is amnesty, pure and simple! The man has no desire to eliminate the “workforce” he has used for years. When he want’s to hire laborers for his various ventures, he gets a lot of H1B Visas to hire foreign workers at a cheaper cost to him, some at substandard wages too. He plays the system for all it is worth and he will not do anything to lessen the role of the Federal government’s role in our lives. He will just add to our misery with even more intrusion by the system he has played for so long. He has already walked back on his vow to get rid of the illegals in this country because that is a source of cheap labor for him and his crony friends in D.C. He already outsources most of his products to Mexico and China, so it goes without saying he will not cut off his nose to spite his face by eliminating his business partners. He has business enterprises in lots of foreign countries all over the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and elsewhere, and he is not going to do anything to jeopardize those interests by angering Muslims either. He has already walked back on his promise to keep them out of this country and even went so far in an interview to suggest of course we have to help the seekers of asylum from Muslim nations. He is proving over and over again he has never intended to do what he promised to do. All he plans to do is placate, by renegotiating a “deal” to make us look a little better.

  4. Now we come to the worst part of this man’s history, and his downfall, the way he treats women. His abusive language during this election cycle toward women who dared to oppose him is one of his biggest weaknesses. The derogatory statements he has made about women’s looks, their attitudes, and yes even outright crude language he has used in describing women, is probably the biggest strikes against him with women voters. Further, the character of the man with his history of infidelity with his former wives, and his prowess toward women in his line of work is deplorable to most decent women. His history of pleading no contest with one woman he assaulted shows a pattern of abuse, and in her original filings for divorce, even though she has recanted a lot of it, Ivanka Trump even accused Mr Trump of rape and assault. I have documentation of these also if need to verify. This is common knowledge in court records and easily checked. Furthermore, there are statements he has made that are crude about his own daughter with disrespect while doing radio interviews that are well publicized. Now we find out from the MSM that they have a whole bag of dirt on Donald over his antics with beauty queens when he was running the Miss America and Miss Universe Pageants. It seems daily we are being shown even more sexually explicit remarks and lewd suggestions this man has made toward women who may or may not be attractive. The bombshell interview he gave in 2005 with the reporter about his exploitations are even further proof of his deplorable opinion of women in general. The disgusting words and tones he used concerning women he has chased after, while his 3rd wife was pregnant was just one of many incidents coming out that clearly shows this man’s opinion of girls and women. On top of everything else there is a trial scheduled in December with this man being accused of raping a minor child, which after seeing all of the other posts about him, I would consider to be likely he is guilty as charged. Mr Trump is known to have made statements about his good friend Jeffrey Epstein, and alluded to his enjoyment of some of his parties he attended, and the young age of some of the attendees. To state this man is lewd, crude, and rude, along with misogynistic toward women in power, I think is a fair assessment of what most Christian and Conservative women would feel about this man. Almost daily now by MSM we see even more disgusting stories about this man and he is turning into a huge liability for the GOP.
  5. The worst of all reasons for this man being the candidate for the GOP is his policies concerning our government. The GOP used to be the party of limited government, limited regulations, conservative spending, and a party that took the moral high ground with issues like pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. This Party also supported small business with tax breaks for creators of jobs and has been a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. The man has said he has not read the U.S. Constitution, nor does he need to, in order to be our President. He would have to take an oath to uphold and defend the very document he has no use for and calls “archaic and useless” for today. His ideas for being the leader of the greatest nation on the face of the earth are no where near aligned with what is dictated in the Constitution. He has already alluded to the desire he has to destroy parts of the Constitution, with his desires to eliminate the 1st amendment, restrict the 2nd amendment, the 4th amendment, the 10th amendment, and his position on Eminent Domain and grabbing land from the citizenry. He would further expand the federal government’s right to confiscate land from private ownership, and his stand on what the federal government’s role is on state issues like abortion, marriage laws, and education, shows his total disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the powers of the federal government. The deplorable healthcare system forced on the American people would be further expanded into a single payer system if he has his way about it, and the small business and big businesses alike would be forced into higher taxation to pay for his socialized medicine, further decimating our workforce in this country. His forceful attitude of penalizing the companies who do not go along with keeping their companies in the US for tax reasons would only hurt consumers more by being forced to pay higher prices for the merchandise they need due to “tariffs” being levied by this bully too. He would further abuse the power of the pen with his actions to force what he wants to do in this country. Then there is the matter of the Geneva Convention rules that he states has to be changed so he has the ability to force our military to commit crimes against women and children in the name of extracting information about terrorist activities. His absolute disregard for the safety of the American people, by putting nuclear  weapons in the hands of dictatorships who could and would use them to harm the American people is another danger to consider if he becomes POTUS. Even though he now professes he intends to nominate conservative judges for the Supreme Court, he has also stated, even after announcing his candidacy, that his ultra-liberal sister who is a judge now, would make an excellent Supreme Court nominee. Given this view of what he has stated, do we even trust that he would keep his word with conservative SCOTUS nominees? I have serious doubts as to his word on that. When you take into account what he would do to the Constitution and what his personality suggests about him, it is easy to see this man could very well be on a quest to become a dictator ruling over the people as he chooses while he sits in his golden towers high above the people he is supposed to be serving. Does this really sound like a servant of the people to you? I think not. There is even more that could be said about this man but i will leave it right here as to this man’s fitness to be the leader of this great nation. I say with all we know about this man and his life, and the way he has treated the people of this country that this man is unfit to lead this country and be President of the United States.

With the case made as to why these 2 deplorable people are unfit to lead this country, and what will happen to our country if indeed they are elected as POTUS, it is very easy to ask then what is to become of our Republic? Well there is hope yet, is my answer but it will take the people of this country, the voters, to save this Republic. Very simply put, we do not have a chance of saving this country unless we do what is necessary to prevent both of these candidates from being elected. It will take the will of the people to save this country by not casting a ballot for either of these 2 deplorable candidates. It will take a concerted effort by the people to rally around a 3rd Party candidate. Yeah I know, I hear the naysayers already on this one! Well let me provide you with some real numbers then. 9% of the voting public is all that Trump and Hillary got. The other 91% voted for other candidates in the 2 parties. Remember there were 17 candidates in the R Party, and 4 candidates in the D Party to begin with. Then there is the ballots cast for the Libertarian nominee. Tally all of the votes and what you have is no majority for any one candidate, so it is entirely possible for a 3rd Party Candidate to win! Which Candidate is what we are talking about. Again more good news here, we have several good 3rd Party Candidates but castle5really only 2 of them are on enough ballots and able to be written in as a write-in on the ballots. Gary Johnson and Darrell Castle both have that ability with Johnson on the ballot in 50 states, and with Darrell Castle on the ballot and able to be written in on 47 states. Darrell Castle is by far the most conservative candidate running in this country for President and his running mate Scott Bradley as VP is equally as conservative and Constitutional as Darrell Castle is. If the GOP would pull support from their nominee and spend more funds and time with conservatives running for the down ballot in the House and Senate, we could still salvage a Conservative House and Senate, but will they? There are whispers to that effect right now as I write that the GOP is considering doing just that. They know that Trump is poison and they are backing away from him. The coming days are just going to get worse with all the leaks coming out about Trump and a lot of the GOP are now calling for him to step down. He has stated unequivocally he will not do so, so we do have to face the fact that we have to coalesce around someone who can beat Hillary Clinton and the burning Donald Trump. If conservatives come out in droves on election day and vote their conscience for a 3rd Party Candidate such as Darrell Castle, and vote down ballot where he is not able to be written in then we have a chance to save our great nation from destruction of our Constitution and our great Republic. Please, if you are a patriot, a III%’er, a lover of freedom and liberty and if you love your country as much as I do, please come out and vote. Vote for Darrell Castle or another 3rd Party candidate to save this republic. For more information on the Constitution Party and their positions please visit their Websites:  Darrell Castle  or Constitution Party. Thank you for reading and may God Bless America again.

by Marlena Nobles


4 thoughts on “A Way to Save the Republic

  1. It is very possible to have enough support for a single 3rd party guy to prevent the 2 deplorables from obtaining 270 electoral votes, throwing the decision to the house. Not ideal for sure, but it is a electoral circuit breaker that should be thrown. It has happened before, in 1824 I believe, and it can happen now.


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