Glenn Beck Endorses Darrell Castle, the Alt-Right Media Goes NUTS


Yesterday I published an article regarding the branches of conservatism, explaining the different branches and their relativity to today’s world. In the article I touched on media bias. The irony was not, however, the bias from the left – it was the blatant bias on the Right!

A few hours later, on the afternoon of 10/10, news broke that Glenn Beck had endorsed Darrell Castle, the only Christian Constitutional conservative left in the race for the Presidency. Glenn broke the news during an interview on HBO’s Vice News. But was this the headline? NO!

The first article that circulated was from Right Scoop, titled ‘Glenn Beck: I’ve considered voting for Hillary Clinton [Video]‘.


The video above was linked in the article and the headline highlighted a part of their conversation that included talk of Mr. Beck’s tongue-in-cheek consideration of voting for Hillary Clinton. The comment was made in order to establish the state of the country and the catastrophe of the Trump candidacy. Did that matter for Right Scoop? No.

The next article that was released was from The Conservatarian Review. Of course this article was forthright with its title, ‘BREAKING: Glenn Beck endorses Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle‘. Conservatarians do not kowtow to the Republican Party’s moderate, neo-con, and now ‘alt-right’ base.

This morning I awoke, checked social media, and was pleasantly surprised to see Glenn Beck was trending on Facebook. When I examined the trend, however, I discovered that the Trump shill site, Breitbart, had released a terribly misleading column “Glenn Beck: Electing Hillary Clinton ‘Is a Moral, Ethical Choice’“. They quoted a two day old“>Facebook post in which Glenn Beck was praising Mike Lee’s recent call for Donald Trump to drop out of the race. Of course they completely ignored giving the Darrell Castle campaign press for this crucial endorsement.

I must say, I’ve tried to refrain from using the term “alt-right”. I have refused to believe in the concept of it. Acknowledging it, I felt, would give it undue recognition that somehow validated its existence. After seeing the way the right-wing media has responded to this – the way the Trumpkin right and even the neo-con wing of the #NeverTrump movement is so willing to share around click-bait articles without verifying the sources or doing any additional research; I am now certain that the concept of an alt-right element of conservatism is pervading the right and its existence is regrettably corroborated. God help us.

UPDATE: The Darrell Castle website had endured more traffic than ever before and is currently down. Restoration is in progress. The campaign asks for patience and thanks everyone for their interest and support.

2nd UPDATE: is back online. Glenn Beck has backpedaled his endorsement.


5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Endorses Darrell Castle, the Alt-Right Media Goes NUTS

  1. Yeah, that’s our Glenn! Endorsing someone he knows to be a Cruz birther. SMH. On the other hand, if enough people vote for this guy, maybe we can deny both Hillary and Trump the 270 votes they need to win the electoral college.


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