2016 Presidential Election – Comparison Chart

by Clint Bishop

2016 Presidential Election- Center to Right Candidates



8 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Election – Comparison Chart

  1. What is Paleo-conservative Constitutionist? Does Castle want to go back to the original Constitution when slavery was legal, and neither blacks nor women could vote? I want us out of the UN but I don’t want us acting like nothing other nations does affects us – we need to be part of some group that discusses things that affect the whole world. I don’t think we are showing much skill at “spreading democracy” via our many wars but I know we won’t have any friends internationally if we elect someone who wants to close all foreign bases and “bring our military home.” I didn’t vote for Ron Paul because he was too ready to close his eyes to the rest of the world and that is what worries me most about the platform of the Constitution Party.

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    1. I wrote an article explaining the wings of conservatism as well. It’s on this site. You’re originalist and agree with original intent or you are not and you have a liberal interpretation, which brings us to today when abortion and gay marriage is deemed legal because the court says so. Yes, the Constitution Party is Non-interventionist. Interventionist policies have kept us embroiled in perpetual war since WWII. That isn’t a wise policy and shouldn’t be policing the world. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t keep the absolute strongest military in the World and maintain the best intelligent agencies – there’s just simply no need to be entangled in world affairs to the point that we are creating terrorists halfway across the Earth simply because we need perpetual war in order to maintain a growing debt and expansion of money supply. War is more costly than even entitlements. Interventionism was a liberal policy until neo-cons embraced it the mid 1900’s


    2. A Democracy is where the will of the people rule. A kingdom is where the king/president rule. America is a Constitutional Republic, where the Constitution is rule of law. And as I understand it by listening to Krisanne Hall (please look her up on youtube), they were trying to abolish slavery back then.

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    1. Government enforcement of equality is the antithesis of supporting religious freedom. He has specified on multiple occasions, one being the “bake the cake” moment, that he is anti-religious freedom.


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