Meet Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Constitution Party: Utah Native, Dr. Scott Bradley! 15 Question Interview


With Considerable Gratitude

I’d like to begin by thanking Dr. Scott N. Bradley for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions. I’ll also note that I am an ardent supporter of Dr. Bradley and an admirer. His weekly webinars, along with other material that he has recommended, have changed my entire worldview. At the end of the article I’ll include links to all of his sites. I highly recommend that anyone willing to learn about the Constitution and the founding fathers participate in his webinars each Tuesday and Q & A sessions each Thursday. They are completely free and only require a small, free app in order to attend.

Dr. Bradley is known for being, and is admittedly, long-winded and detailed. This is one of his attributes that I highly respect about him. His passion for preserving our nation and returning to the Christian principles upon which we were founded drive him to desire that we all be educated and impart that wisdom to the populace. I have never witnessed the immense level of enthusiasm and love for our nation as I have observing Dr. Bradley. I have literally witnessed the man become so emotional discussing our plight that he choked up in midsession. If only those in positions of leadership across our nation would assert themselves with such commitment and fervor…

15 Question Interview


1. Hi Dr. Bradley, can you please tell us a little about your educational background?

Answer:  I hold Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, a Masters in Public Administration, and a PhD in Constitutional Law.

2. What about your professional background?

Answer:  For thirteen years I worked as an executive at AT&T managing cutting-edge telecommunications projects and all facets of corporate projects; including strategic planning, and a leadership assignment responsible for delivery of secured communications for the U.S. Department of Defense (North American Air Defense Command—NORAD).  Always highly rated, I was awarded numerous advancements and prestigious certifications, including being recognized and included in the “President’s Club” for performance.

For 16 years I served as an administrator at Utah State University as a Department Head and Director.  I was awarded “USU’s Professional Employee of the Year” while serving in that capacity.

In all of these assignments I administered multi-million dollar projects and budgets, always bringing them in on time and under budget.

3. Most whom are acquainted with the campaign are aware of Mr. Castle’s military and service history. Can you fill the readers in on your military history?

Answer: I enlisted in the Utah Air National Guard in January 1970, and was honorably discharged in January 1979 when expanding employment demands constrained the time I had available to continue to serve.

4. How long have you been involved with the Constitution Party?

Answer: Until early in 2006 I was on the State and County Central Committees in Utah for the Republican Party.  I was also a Precinct Chair, and a State and County Delegate.  I was heavily engaged in trying to preserve America’s founding principles in the practices of the Republican Party.  After spending decades in that effort, I grew frustrated with the party as they fostered a pretty decent platform, but their elected officials gave it little more than lip service.  In March 2006 the Constitution Party approached me and asked me to run for the United States Senate against Orrin Hatch.  I resigned from my positions in the Republican Party, saying I had not left the party, but they had left me.  With the Constitution Party I ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006, and again in 2010.  Since 2006 I have served in a number of capacities within the National Constitution Party, including on the National Committee, on the Executive Committee, and on the Platform Committee.

5. Most people not only seem to lack awareness of the Constitution Party, but they aren’t aware of the educational material available to them regarding the Constitution. Mr. Castle typically conducts a tri-weekly podcast called the Castle Report, regarding constitutional issues and/or current events. You orchestrate a weekly webinar on constitutional issues, as well as a weekly session online for unscripted Question and Answers with your followers. What kind of following do you have there? Is it growing?

Answer: These efforts seem to be much appreciated by those who participate, and are growing as the word spreads that we are interested in increasing the nation’s understanding of the magnificent principles upon which this nation was established.  There are even instances of large groups gathering to participate in the presentations, projecting the images on a screen, and having a “spokesman” convey the group’s questions to the moderator so the questions and answers can be considered by all who preservethenationparticipate.  Those interested in joining these webinars (which will continue after the election, regardless of the outcome) can register for them either on my website ( or through my social media pages.

Of course, my book (“To Preserve the Nation” — I call it a 526 page “pamphlet”), and my lecture series are available to those who wish to obtain an “original intent” view of the nation’s founding and principles.

I have other books on liberty and proper government which I am writing, but which were put on “hold” until after the election because of time constraints.

6. Very few people seem to be cognizant of the impediments that minor political parties face in regards to media attention. You were recently presented with research in your state, Utah, that showed Evan McMullin, Independent Candidate for President, received an unprecedented amount of media coverage leading up to a recent poll local to Utah. Can you opine in regards to the media blackout in regards to your campaign?

Answer: With the vast amount of favorable media attention on newcomer Evan McMullin, and the almost non-existent mention (pro or con) of the Castle Campaign, one must wonder if there is not more to the Castle media blackout and the Media love-fest of McMullin than meets the eye.  It would seem that it is not simply a happenstance!  Careful review of the origins of McMullin’s campaign, his backers, the carefully crafted euphemistic positions he has taken that seem to be intended to beguile and even deceive the voter, and to the positions he takes which are blatant violations of the Founding Father’s original intent should alert the electorate not be duped by the media’s hype as they chose their candidate.  His positions on expanded U.S. military adventurism around the world, his unwillingness to challenge the egregious assaults of the Supreme Court on the unborn children, and traditional marriage and family matters are just a few issues that expose his “establishment” credentials and ties to internationalist organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), of which he is a member.

7. The poll was conducted by a small firm in Utah named Y2 Analytics. What would you theorize is the reason for sudden inclusion of your fellow Utah native, Mr. McMullin, in their poll? Was the Castle/Bradley ticket included?

Answer: Not surprisingly, in keeping with the seemingly purposeful blackout by the media, the Castle/Bradley ticket was not included in the survey you mention, but newcomer Evan McMullin garnered much free media exposure by being in with the “big box” players.  It would be extremely difficult to buy more effective advertising!  And it was reported over and over again as “news”— the gift that keeps on giving!  One must wonder which prominent political “king-makers” are pulling the strings on this dishonorable charade.

8. What efforts are being made to garner more media exposure in Utah, your home state as well?

Answer: With a dearth of “king-makers” promoting us, and with budget constraints, we are relying upon a grassroots movement of people who care about restoring America’s foundational principles.  We speak and present often in public meetings, we are on any radio talk show that invites us, supporters submit letters to their newspaper editors (which sometimes publish them), our supporters distribute fliers and spread the message by word of mouth.  We have a presence on the internet with web sites, and on social media.  Bloggers who care about their liberty have also taken up the effort to spread the word.  If America is to be restored, it must be from the ground up, by we, the people.  That is our focus and effort.  We are not for sale to special interests, or to those who wish to perpetuate the failed formulas America has been following.  Salvation will not be brought forth through Washington DC, and the scoundrels who have betrayed us for so many years.

9. Anyone who has watched or listened to your material or interviews easily perceives that you are a walking Wikipedia on the founding fathers. Since joining the Constitution Party myself, I’ve discerned that most who claim to be constitutional conservatives (outside the Constitution Party) don’t understand original intent at all – neither did I to be completely honest, though I had labeled myself one. Can you expound on the subject of original intent?

Answer: Of course, the United States Constitution is written in plain English words.  Those words have meanings.  Those meanings may be known.  They can only mean what they meant in the day they were written.  In spite of the efforts of modern revisionists, modern re-definitions may not be applied to the words of 1787 and the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution created a government whose powers are few and well-defined.  Those powers are enumerated (limited to the list of powers delegated).  The national government has no other powers than those enumerated.  The Ninth and Tenth Amendments put a period and exclamation mark behind the Constitution, saying that the people retained all their rights even if they weren’t mentioned in the document, and that if a power was not delegated to the national government IT DID NOT HAVE THAT POWER, and that they were retained by the States or the People.  Any other interpretation will result in perverting the words until they can mean anything or nothing, and we will be left without a government constrained to act only within its delegated bounds, and we will have tyranny.

Wonderful writing by the founders such as the Federalist Papers, their Inaugural Addresses and Farewell Addresses (particularly George Washington’s magnificent Farewell Address), St. George Tucker’s “View of the Constitution of the United States,” and many other wonderful works testify of these principles.  We can also observe the works of the original founders.  And if we ever find a seeming contradiction, we simply go back to the original words of the Constitution, which trumps all other opinions to the contrary.

Today, many promote the false concept that the Constitution could not possibly be adequate for a modern world.  After all, it was written long ago in a backward, agrarian time when the fastest communication was by horse, and technology was primitive.  The truth is, that the Constitution is completely technology agnostic.  It does not matter if there is a blacksmith shop on the corner, a gasoline station, or a nuclear power plant.  The Constitution was written to keep HUMAN NATURE from prevailing and implementing tyranny while destroying liberty.  Unchanging human nature seeks to obtain, and then, ultimately, abuse power.  The American founders understood this, and sought to divide and subdivide power so those we were obliged to delegate power to could not ultimately abuse it against us (and our posterity).  They even wisely divided and subdivide SOURCES of power to keep them controlled, and then they checked them against each other and balanced them.  How foolish we have been, and how we have squandered this magnificent wisdom!

Many statements of the founders could be quoted, but perhaps this will suffice for this response.

“It is my absolute conviction that Jesus is the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God.  He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Messiah; and His name (the name of Jesus Christ) is the only name by which we are or can be saved.” -Dr. Scott N. Bradley

10. Any of your followers quickly learn ascertain that you are a man of faith. Could you tell us about your faith? And how does your faith relate to your love of country?

Answer:  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Some people abbreviate the name to the “LDS Church,” but the official name is as noted.  People sometimes call members of this faith “Mormons” because we have a book which we believe records God’s dealings with peoples that anciently dwelt upon the American Continent.  We believe that these peoples were among those referred to by Jesus Christ during His mortal ministry, wherein He said: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, [and] one shepherd.”  (John 10:16)  An ancient prophet named “Mormon” was the principle scribe that abridged the hundreds of years history of these peoples, hence, the name of the book: “The Book of Mormon.”

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and to the best of my ability and understanding seek to be a devoted disciple of Him.

It is my absolute conviction that Jesus is the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God.  He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Messiah; and His name (the name of Jesus Christ) is the only name by which we are or can be saved.  By Him, and through Him and of Him we are begotten sons and daughters of God, and by Him and through Him, and of Him all that is was created.  It is by His grace that we are saved.  His atonement is perfect, complete, eternal, and universal.  His offering is acceptable and pleasing to God, His Father, and of full force and effect for us.  All of my hope and faith is in Jesus Christ and His perfect fulfillment of the mission His Loving Father placed upon Him.

Within the body of works which we esteem as God’s word to the people of today are numerous references to the United States Constitution.  Therein God endorses the Constitution, He informs us that “whatsoever is more or less than [the Constitution] cometh of evil,” and that He established the Constitution through “wise” men whom He raised up for that very purpose.  It could reasonably be said that the United States Constitution is woven and incorporated into my faith by reference.

The aforementioned Book of Mormon notes that this land is to be a land of liberty, so long as the people of the land worship and serve the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, and gives examples of previous Christian civilizations that abandoned Christ, and were subsequently swept from the land.

It is written: “. . . where the Spirit of the Lord [is], there [is] liberty.”  (2 Corinthians 3:17)  I truly believe this to be true, and that this land was established to be a land of liberty and a beacon of light and hope to all nations that would seek to emulate the principles brought forth at the founding of this nation, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land.

I am fervently devoted to restoring and preserving this nation’s foundational principles, and nothing in my religion would contradict that effort.

11. The Constitution Party was, in part, formed out of discontent with the Republican Party’s weak stance against abortion. What does “Pro-Life” mean to you?

Answer: Anciently, killing an unborn baby was a grievous crime.  Blackstone, one of the principle “mentors” of the American founders wrote of why abortion was wrong, and how a child that was not yet born was a person that has standing before the law.  He gives real examples from his day (and which still apply today) to demonstrate the truth and importance of his position.  Blackstone wrote extensively of the right to life as being the first right of freemen.  The American founders all studied Blackstone’s works and applied them.  They clearly understood the importance of life in the scheme of liberty.  Today’s modern judges have perverted this previously clearly understood truth.  They will not admit the “personhood” of a baby that is not yet born, and therefore deny that person the rights that they naturally hold before God.

My position is that this egregious violation of natural law which has resulted in Americans killing 60 million of our children in the last 43 years MUST be stopped and reversed.  The Supreme Court often rules incorrectly.  They are wrong in this matter, just as they were wrong in their rulings in the Dred Scott Decision (ruling that a black man was not a person and could not, therefore, be a U.S. citizen), or in their ruling on the Fugitive Slave Act (which States in the North were nullifying), and in their first (erroneous) ruling in 1956 in the Reid v. Covert case (saying an international agreement could overrule the Constitution), which they overturned in 1957 when they realized how wrong they were.

We can and MUST correct this horrid affront to everything sacred.  For 43 years 60 millions of innocent little boys and girls have been slaughtered within our nation with the official sanction of the United States government.  One wonders how long a just and perfect God can patiently await our correction while the blood of these innocents cries out against our apathetic complicity.


12. You are a staunch proponent of state nullification. Most don’t understand the concept. Can you briefly describe it and why it’s beneficial?

Answer: This question could garner a lengthy answer!  To be brief, the Founding Fathers of this nation conceived the Constitution to be a written, binding contract within which those who held offices of trust would be oath-bound to maintain their actions.  The States are “parties to the contract,” (the “creators” of the contract).  ALL national offices are “creatures to the contract” (created by the contract).  The national government and all associated officers were created and exist solely and only because they were created by the contract.  They have no power to act outside the charter under which they were created, and in fulfillment of the duties they were delegated by that contract.  When they violate their charter by usurping powers not granted, it is the responsibility of the States (as the parties of the contract) to re-assert themselves and bring the national government back into compliance with the contract under which they were created.

There are nuances that further elucidation could easily explain, but to be brief, Jefferson and Madison expressed the position that if the national government abused powers which had been DELEGATED to their assignment, the Constitutional solution was to be found in removal through the ballot box.  However, if the national government USURPED powers NOT DELEGATED to them, the Constitutional solution was to be found in State Nullification of the action which was found outside the bounds of the Constitution.  In 1834 James Madison published his “Notes on Nullification,” which presents this much more eloquently, and in more detail.

Throughout the history of the United States variations of this sound principle have been used to counter over-reach by the national government.  It is time for Americans to become knowledgeable about this tool against tyranny, and again begin to use it.

13. During one of your webinars, you brilliantly elucidated the irony of many conservatives claiming to be adamantly pro-life, yet advocates of interventionist foreign policies. Would you mind elaborating a little on that? What was the foreign policy embraced by the founding fathers?

Answer: It shocks me how many Americans claim to be pro-life, and yet they seem to have never seen a foreign war into which they would not wish to inject the full destructive power of the United States military might.  It is ironic that they seem to see the importance of unborn life, yet have such disregard of born life.  We seem to have forgotten that the bulk of casualties in modern warfare are innocent “collateral damage”—- usually the weakest and most vulnerable in the lands we pound back into the dark ages (example: destroyed electrical power infrastructure means sewer plants don’t work, and water purification plants stop creating clean water, and hospitals operate at diminished capability, if at all).  All of these things contribute to unsanitary conditions that breed disease, thereby the very young and the very infirm or aged are most likely to succumb.  Shock and awe wars often lead to slow, agonizing death to those least responsible for the cause of the war.

The founders knew that there would be unavoidable wars into which we would be thrust.  They put the war-making power decisions (within the house and senate) closest to those who represent those who would expend their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor (the people).  Decisions to go to war were to be based upon a solemn deliberative process, and NEVER delegated to ANYONE else (not a president, a bureaucrat, a foreign treaty, etc.)scott-n-bradley  NOBODY ELSE but congress may Constitutionally take this nation to war.

All of the American founders sought what is called today a “non-interventionist” policy, and felt that God endorsed their position.  The 1648 Westphalia Treaty established this as international law.  Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and a host of others could be eloquently quoted to establish the facts in this matter.  War was to be just, it was to be entered into deliberatively, and not for light and transient causes, and it was NEVER to be entered into as a war of aggression, or to be initiated by the United States.  And certainly it was not to be entered into at the behest of another nation.

All of this has been changed by international influence by instigators who do not have American principles in their hearts and minds.  We have strayed far from our foundation, and will someday, I fear, fall prey to the principles of internationalism we are carrying out against nations that we have no business making war against.  Someday, I fear, the international organizations we are currently doing the bidding of will find reason to intervene in our internal affairs.

14. Has the Constitution Party seen a boost in interest and membership this year with the almost freakish primary party candidates this cycle?

Answer: There have been many of all political persuasions who have grown embarrassed and weary of the shenanigans of the big box parties.  Many of them have and are joining with us this year.  They see in us hope, and a stability and predictability that will allow this nation to heal and succeed.

Certainly there are still many “fear-mongers” out there who promote the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils (which ever that is).  But I tell them to stop fearing man, and do the right thing before God.  I tell them there is a Christian, pro-life, principled, constitutionally-sound, honorable, honest, faithful husband of one wife for 38 years who is a viable presidential candidate.  His name is Darrell Castle, and he is running on the Constitution Party Ticket.  He seeks to restore the principles of liberty and proper government upon which this nation was founded.  His great loyalties are to God, to Family, and to our great Constitutional Republic.  It seems that a good Christian voter has a duty, before God, to not vote for the lesser of two evils, or rather, the evil of two lessers.  The duty is ours, the results are God’s.  The lie that such a man cannot win makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Joseph Goebbels made a great career promoting falsehoods that became “truths” when repeated often enough.  We need to do the right thing, and stop defeating good and noble people because of fear of man.  Trust God.  Stop the insane death spiral the two party system has created.  I tell them to check Darrell out at

15. Seeing as you are the running mate of Darrell Castle, what is your view of him and what history is there between you two?

Answer: See the previous answer.  Darrell is the real deal.  I have great respect for him.  He has taken an oath to help restore our founding principles, or die trying, if necessary, and I believe him.

Bonus Question!
What does the political future hold for Dr. Scott Bradley? Any aspirations for Bradley 2020? Too soon?

Answer: In 2020 I hope we are just finishing Darrell Castle’s first term, and well on our way to healing many decades of debauched government administration.  If such is the case, we will be progressing to a full restoration of our great Republic.  If not, I fear for our beloved nation.  Instead of restoration we will be accelerating further into our post-constitutional implosion.  We all need to take a deep breath and realize what is at stake.  Our options in future years may be greatly reduced, and we will have to prayerfully seek our best path.  I will certainly prayerfully seek to understand how I might best serve my God and my fellow man in whatever situation faces us.  Surely, there will be a remnant, as in ancient Israel, that still love these principles and seek to live under them.


Please join our day of national fasting and prayer on behalf of this nation, and all that is atfastingprayer stake.  See our social media, our emails, and my website to get details of this day of fasting and prayer. The Facebook event can be found here as well. It will run from the morning of October 24th through our weekly prayer call that evening at 7pm CST.

Please visit these pages and show your support for Dr. Scott N. Bradley. His book, webinars, Q & A sessions, and several videos and interviews can be found here. Thank you for reading and God Bless!

Dr. Scott N. Bradley’s YouTube Channel

To Preserve the Nation Facebook Page





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