Post-Election Constitutionalism

Since the Electoral College met Monday  to validate Republican Donald Trump’s landslide win over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. I personally believe that the Conservative movement has now been tainted, diluted by Neo-Conservative elements that were touted from Trump camp during the election.

The Conservatism of old, the Robert A. Taft Conservatism that Republicans followed up till after World War II, showed how both Conservatives and Liberals of today have screwed up modern political theater. I found it interesting that yesterday that Conservative-Libertarian Ron Paul got an electoral vote in his home state of Texas by a “faithless” elector and he was not even running. Which was more than Former New Mexico Governor and former Libertarian party presidential candidate Gary Johnson got during the election. It shows that Constitutionalism is still a living, breathing movement. Unlike Bernie Sanders who did get an electoral vote, his movement in my opinion at large died when he told his devoted supporters to vote  for the very person, he opposed for nearly a year, Hillary Clinton.

I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, I was a Neo-Conservative then, later in college and my further and my current study of history made me a Libertarian. I do hold the values that men like Robert Taft who I began to admire as a leader who stood on principle, a man who stood against both parties when he opposed the Nuremberg Trials after  WWII, calling it “Victors’ Justice”. He believed that the trials defied the very basic principles that the Founding Fathers created in the American Judicial system through the Constitution as well it creates a dangerous legal precedent worldwide. His own thoughts on the Trials were:

I question whether the hanging of those, who, however despicable, were the leaders of the German people, will ever discourage the making of aggressive war, for no one makes aggressive war unless he expects to win. About this whole judgment there is the spirit of vengeance, and vengeance is seldom justice. The hanging of the eleven men convicted will be a blot on the American record, which we shall long regret.

His own thoughts on the trials, made him a target by both the Democratic and the Republican parties, at this point. Neo-Conservatism was growing in the GOP, and Neo-Liberalism was already supplanted earlier in the Democratic party by progressive Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I take the principled stand that Robert A. Taft took against the Nuremberg Trials, to show the fight Conservatives, true Constitutionalists have to face possibly under a Trump administration. Even though Trump plans on “draining the swamp,” from what I see from most of his cabinet choices is that he is draining the swamp by filling it with more alligators. He has put more Neo-Conservatives in his cabinet than he has put Constitutionalists. I cannot see anyway that Trump will not run the country as a Neo-Con. Regardless of what Donald Trump believes about “making America great again.” America has always been great. Great enough to be a peacemaker and proud, proud enough to be patient. The Neo-Cons are wrong, we will remain strong and great, peaceful and patient, and we pray to see that all men can walk out of the long tunnels of tyranny to the bright sunshine of freedom.

Either we stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and continue to vote and teach the exceptional ideals founded in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or we will see a country that will lose its freedom and eventually fall into the ant heap of totalitarianism under a President Trump. I was told many of times, you have to choose between Trump and Hillary, its like choosing between a lame horse and a sick about to be dead horse at the stable. Most people would walk away and seek to find a better conditioned horse elsewhere. Yet I was virtually told to choose between them, like our country depended on it. I got into many arguments on why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

My grandmother was disappointed in me, for not voting for either of them and only voting for my Congressional, state, and local leaders. From hindsight, I didn’t care what she thought, but now, I think I’m disappointed in her, continuing to perpetuate the myth that there’s such a thing as a left or a right. There’s is no such thing as a left or a right, only a up or a down. Up toward individual liberty that coexists with law and order, or down to the ant-heap of totalitarianism.

As a millennial, I know my generation would prefer the easy way out, advocate strongly for free education, healthcare, canceling of student loans, yet not realize how much it will cost and who going to pay for it. Sadly, life is not that simple, there’s personal responsibility that comes from life. I may not have a job currently, but I understand the necessity that hard work breeds success. As a Constitutionalist, I work to spread the ideas of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to those who wish to have an open mind. As a student of history, I work to someday teach the next generation, about the mistakes, triumphs and heroic acts by individuals in the name of God, and of liberty throughout American and World history. As a Christian, I work to study the Bible and teach the Gospel to people who want to hear it, and try to live by those principles, by the best of my abilities.

As people for the most part can finally breathe a sign of relief that the hustle and bustle of the 2016 election is over. We look ahead, to the future of this Republic, the future of the Liberty movement. Hopefully, people can listen and adhere to the ideas of Constitutional Liberty and Independence.




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